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Headline of the year

Washington Times, A1, 8/4/2021

There are so many layers to this amazing headline. I see assumptions that home renters are residents of large cities and therefore some sort of scary icky brown rootless liberal doubleplus uncishetero person. I see a refusal to check assumptions about renters against reality. I see a laughably unfounded conviction that any people on their side would be willing to endure homelessness for the cause paradoxically mixed with a seething contempt for anyone who can’t afford to buy a home and at least one member of the House of Representatives, including anyone on their side. I see a constant need to play to an audience of assholes and bots imitating assholes. I see an inability to care or even know that to people who aren’t assholes, this shit looks demented. I see the continued Reaganification of the right.

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