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This administration is starting to embarrass the hell out of me [Update]


I’ve always voted straight line Democratic. I’ve protested against Republican administrations including Napoleorange’s. I give money to liberal causes. I think I can say that tRump and his goons have nothing to do with me. So why does the fact that the White House is stocked – no – CRAMMED with total fucking morons make me cringe with vicarious embarrassment?

I know it doesn’t make any sense. No, this isn’t the dumbest thing he’s done today. Yes, being embarrassed by it is a weakness on my part. But goddammit, can the current leader of this nation and his lackeys not find one teeny little thing to leave unfucked? This is about Israel, a country the Republicans keep trying to leg hump to death. Yet Tromp’s first Big Statement on U.S.-Israeli relations appears to have been thrown together at the last minute and possibly under the influence by someone afflicted with a variation of the Grocer’s Apostrophe.


[Update – I appreciate the comments to the effect that there’s nothing wrong with being embarrassed by the Orange Clown.]

In happier and unrelated news, it is Morrissey’s birthday. If I were capable of picking a favorite Smiths song, this might be it.

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