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Of chumps and pig dumps

Is this a picture of a pooping pig or Truth Social?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of right wing ineptitude (Washington Post if you’re counting visits).

Former president Donald Trump and his team declared Wednesday night that they would soon launch a “media powerhouse” that would help them triumph in their long-running war against Big Tech. But within hours, pranksters found what appeared to be an unreleased test version and posted a picture of a defecating pig to the “donaldjtrump” account.

The site has since been pulled offline — evidence that Trump is likely to face a daunting challenge in building an Internet business that can stand on its own.

Yeah. No. The evidence it will face daunting challenges is that Orangefinger is involved in it in any way. Merry pranksters are a delightful extra.

The site’s code shows it runs a mostly unmodified version of Mastodon, the free, open-source software launched in 2016 that anyone can use to run a self-made social networking site.

I’m not saying it would be impossible to build a “news and Internet empire that would one day compete with Disney, CNN and Facebook,” on open-source code. I am saying that the klutzes, putzes and yutzes who would be allowed to work for TFG couldn’t do it even if they didn’t have a coke-addled clown giving them new instructions every five seconds.

The site is likely to undermine other conservative-friendly social media alternatives, such as Gettr, Gab and Parler, that have sought to win over pro-Trump audiences.

This is an understatement. Being on the original official MAGA platform will be a huge draw for his fans. Plus, the competing sites will be treated to all the venom he’s capable of spraying.

Assuming the platform doesn’t collapse under the combined weight of bots, pranksters, constant format changes, and incompetence. Which it will. So never mind. The next scene will be blaming Big Tech for his failure and demanding money from the rubes.

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