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“Second Sons”: an LG&M podcast on Game of Thrones with Steven Attewell and SEK


We apologize for missing last week’s episode, but Google Plus had updated its “Hangouts” feature and we couldn’t find the new button. But it’s been found! Also, in this podcast we have a first: I’ve finally figured out how to incorporate images without making the resulting file too large for Youtube. So now if you’re watching the podcast, you’ll see the visuals we’re describing while we’re describing them. (At least mostly. I’m still experimenting with keeping the size down and the audio quality high. This is tougher than it looks.) In this episode we discuss making my students weep uncontrollably; the dynamics of the relationship between Tyrion and Sansa; the similarities between Dany and Walter White; the politics of Stannis Baratheon; and many other things beside. Enjoy!

Enjoy this fine podcast without the images I painstakingly inserted into it just for you.

Our very civilized discussion of the premiere (S03E01).

Fancy-talking about “Dark Wings, Dark Words” (S03E02).

Here we are blathering on about “Walk of Punishment” (S03E03).

Don’t watch — because you can’t — us discuss “And Now His Watch Has Ended” (S03E04).

The rudely interrupted first half of our discussion of “Kissed by Fire” (S03E05).

The second half of our discussion of religion in “Kissed by Fire” (S03E05).

In which we discuss “The Climb” sans spoilers (S03E06).

“The Climb” with spoilers (S03E06).

UPDATE: In case anyone’s curious as to the spontaneous fits of intemperate profanity.

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  • SEK

    Unrelatedly, everyone everyone should at least watch this bit around 10:10, because I’m an idiot.

    • Wait…that’s not Ser Barristan. That’s not Ser Barristan at all!

    • Chaed

      Hear me roar.

      • SEK

        Ha! I totally did that on purpose, then.

  • Darek

    Started listening just now, love your students reaction to upcoming episodes, which will no doubt break the internets.

    • SEK

      Stupid Memorial Day weekend, prolonging the inevitable!

  • I forgot to mention something during the podcast: unless leeches are different in Westeros than in our world, they create a local anesthetic. Gendry shouldn’t have been feeling anything with a leech attached to him. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been freaking out, however.

    • Anonymous

      the cognitive dissonance of not feeling anything and simultaneously seeing leeches chow down on you-tartare is likely to produce freaking out.

      yes i have been leeched against my will.

    • Wooster

      Yeah this isn’t necessarily a mistake. It looked like he was in pain but it just as easily could be him freaking out.

      Also BOOK SPOILERS****
      I guess Edric Storm is being merged with Gendry? That’s not much of a spoilers, just I’ve found some people and forums are really prissy about discussing book differences/changes.

      • Darek

        I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of that (re: Edric) as the number of notable characters increases. Already this season we’ve seen Loras and Willas Tyrell merged, with the Tyrells trying to wed Loras to Sansa (correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t believe Willas was mentioned at all in the show).

        • Wooster

          I think you’re right. I get it, actors cost money. And different media-some characters are just exposition devices with a name, not necessary on television. Still, I feel like I’m taking a 3 credit course trying to keep track of the events of the books and the show on their own-the subtle changes just throw me for a loop

        • Willas and Garlan don’t exist, since it’s declared that Loras is the sole heir to Highgarden.

      • Yep. Narrative economy is a harsh mistress.

        Also, realistically, the amount people would care about a brand-new kid is much less than Gendry, who they’ve known since the middle of Season 1.

      • (the other) Davis

        I guess Edric Storm is being merged with Gendry? That’s not much of a spoilers, just I’ve found some people and forums are really prissy about discussing book differences/changes.

        An excellent enforcement of narrative economy, IMO. Edric Storm didn’t so much appear in the books, as get talked about and used. Switching to Gendry (a) eliminates a character who was basically a cipher, and (b) keeps a genuinely compelling character in the mix, rather than relegating him to the sidelines for a very, very long time.

        • Precisely. Generally speaking, the show’s been very good at using narrative economy.

          • Chaed

            Speaking of narrative, does anyone have a clue how they’re going to backtrack into the Tower of Joy and all of that? I know that the TV guys have a no flashback rule, but how is that getting conveyed, with all the R + L = J foreshadow, without one?

            • I think they’re just going to skip it.

              • Chaed

                Then no foreshadowing of Jon Snow’s true parentage? That’s gonna surprise the hell outta TV only people and seem like an ass pull.

                • There’s going to be foreshadowing, but it’s not going to focus on the Tower of Joy.

                  My guess is that it’s going to work through the Reeds and Bran’s visions.

                • Heron

                  They really should have done a Fever-dream sequence with Ned to tease this in the first season, but I can understand how the logistics of that might not pan out.

                • Isabella

                  GRRM has said that that at some point the show is going to have to deal with Rhaegar and Lyanna, etc.
                  I think they can tell a lot through dialogue. Now that Selmy is with Dany, I can see some “tell me about my family” conversations happening.

            • Darek

              Perhaps Howland Reed could make an appearance at some point?

    • muddy

      Who knows how magical leeches feel? They could stick their tongue all the way into your S O U L . . . .

  • rw970

    Does anybody else think it’s weird that the door to Sansa’s chambers is really small? Like the lintel is about 6 ft from the ground. I assume they did it for the ease of shooting Tyrion going in and out, but it’s pretty noticeable.

    • SEK

      It also exaggerates the size difference between her and Tyrion, which we discussed starting here. (Now that I’ve learned how to link to specific times, I find I can’t stop doing it. Sorry about that.)

  • On a previous episode, one of you mentioned another GoT podcast you had been listening to. which was it? I have tried to listen to several, but they’ve mostly been really painful.

    • I listen to the Podcast of Ice and Fire, Cast of Thrones, the Nights Watch, Game of Owns, Boars Gore and Swords, and Unspoiled! to get a sense of the fandom.

  • Church

    You guys really need a GOT-podcast specific tag. It’s hard to recommend these excellent podcasts otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoying these podcasts, but I felt you busted out the spoilers especially early this time. I had to check when it was only half over! I empathize with the difficulty of holding relevant spoilers back, but continued effort in keeping the greater portion of the podcast spoiler free would be much appreciated.

  • Tom M

    Very good review, one of the best as I listen to all of the ones Steven mentioned plus the Westeros forums. (retirement is wonderful)
    How-fucking-ever, you guys are so fucking rude to each other. I truly wish you could be fucking polite to one a-fucking-nother.
    Nah, never mind. This way is much better. I may even for-fucking-give you for skipping The fucking Bear and the (not) fucking Maiden Fair. You left us to deal with a soulless killing machine episode on our own? I feel like a second son.

  • Barry Freed

    Bonus cat video!

    (I’m finally watching these having caught up to the series at this point.)

    • Barry Freed

      Also why the hell didn’t Sam pick up the obsidian dagger after he killed that Other? Wasn’t it shown intact on the ground after the Other disintegrated? Why the hell would you abandon the one effective weapon you have unless you needed to? Of course this happens all the time, it’s got to have its own entry on TV Tropes but I hates it I does – it makes no sense.

      • Barry Freed

        I’m glad that this was addressed 52 minutes in. But still, what the hell Sam, pick up the fucking blade.

    • Barry Freed

      The observations about reading and readers in GoT was great and has further application to the books.

    • Barry Freed

      So Scott, the alembic is the sigil of house White, amirite?

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