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Is it possible? The Senate actually did something…..good? The Senate on Tuesday passed sweeping bipartisan legislation to overhaul the US Postal Service’s finances and allow the agency to modernize its operations. The final vote was overwhelmingly bipartisan 79-19. The bill now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature.The Postal Service Reform Act — […]
Chuck Schumer is flat out bad as Minority Leader. I mean, he is really bad at this job. Dayen: McConnell had a great insight as minority leader: There’s a finite amount of Senate floor time, and any one senator, regardless of party, can limit that floor time even more if he or she is willing […]
If you had told me even 5 years ago that Republicans in 2018 would be openly moving toward attacking the direct election of senators, even someone as pessimistic as I am would not have believed it. But that is what we are seeing. With Republicans turning their backs on democracy and embracing authoritarianism, repealing the […]
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