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The World’s Worst Deliberative Body, Part the Zillion


What a great system we have:

The arrival of a new U.S. ambassador to Mexico is usually a routine event. But for the Biden administration, it was a notable victory.

With the Senate’s Aug. 11 confirmation vote, former Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado became the first Biden ambassador to arrive in a foreign capital. And, as of now, the last.

A bitter fight with Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, over a Russian gas pipeline has created what Biden officials call a personnel crisis, with Mr. Cruz delaying dozens of State Department nominees, including 59 would-be ambassadors, and vowing to block dozens more.

Democrats call Mr. Cruz’s actions an abuse of the nomination process and the latest example of Washington’s eroding political norms. They also say he is endangering national security at a time when only about a quarter of key national security positions have been filled.

I too am shocked that no other nations copy our horrible governmental system.

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