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Having been through our own server issues, I can confirm that it’s never fun to have serious access problems. But this is particularly wrong, because what liberal would want Althouse gone? We need the lulz! (Especially love the update; the fact that 98% of Google employees did not, in fact, make donations to the Democrats […]

A Superb Choice

On April 21, 2011

Congratulations to our friends at Feministing for receiving a richly deserved Sidney Hillman Foundation award. Oddly, the foundation used the metric of reading the blog’s content rather than the

The closeness of the Wisconsin judicial race presents a real dilemma for Althouse, not only because it seems to be weakening what remains of her grip on reality but because she needs to know who will win before she can decide whether judicial elections are good (i.e. a conservative might win against a liberal incumbent) […]

You Can?

In General
On October 4, 2010
Longtime readers will recall Ann Althouse constructing a fantasy-world moderate Sam Alito based on one (exceptionally weak) piece of evidence. Streamlining her apologism, she is now making claims about the moderation of the Roberts Court…with no evidence at all!    Responding to Lithwick and Friedman‘s seemingly uncontroversial claim that in a series of  cases the Roberts […]
Althouse: Ever heard the phrase “get over yourself.” I don’t use it often but: Get over yourself. v. Althouse: I would be curious to see what was said about me then. Was there jubilation that this video clip could be used to attack me? A plan to pick a spin and stick to it? An […]
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