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Further Notes On the Conservative Massacre of Satire, Failed Wit Edition


notes that we’ve apparently been zinged by Rebecca Black:

I enjoy a good blog war as much as the next demonic conservative ridicule-machine but watching Meade’s mommy, Ann Althouse, try and arrange play dates for him at Lawyers, Guns, And Money is just adorable. Particularly when Ann takes what I’m sure she believes is the high road and refers to Farley & Lemieux as “La Petite Farlette and his partner Scott “Kitty” Le Mew”.

Oh, snap!

Sorry, that’s unfair — it’s more like “zingers rejected by Rebecca Black because they would make her look too immature and unworldly.” I mean, at least Reynolds gave us a Zevon reference — I’ll have to leave a comment at his place praising his liberal comments policy.

As with so much contemporary conservatism, the utter puerility of late Althouse presents a real challenge to would-be satirists. Take this new Althouse parody site, for example. It starts off promisingly enough — Althouse and her spouse refusing to divulge the name of the Republican legislator who decided to reward them for their relentless propaganda and then dodging the issue with an unintentionally hilarious series of non-sequiturs and illogical whines is definitely within the realm of plausibility. Thinking there’s something private about the distribution of tickets by public officials to a public event, admittedly, stretches the bounds of plausibility — but, hey, this is satire. But then the parodist overreaches — “Abe Sauerkraut?” Repeated more than once as if it was funny the first time? Look, this is a tenured law professor, not a witless seven-year old. I’m afraid Altmouse is still the best in the field…

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