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Today in Self-Refuting Conspiracy Theories


Having been through our own server issues, I can confirm that it’s never fun to have serious access problems. But this is particularly wrong, because what liberal would want Althouse gone? We need the lulz! (Especially love the update; the fact that 98% of Google employees did not, in fact, make donations to the Democrats is central to her point.) Anyway, Althouse is looking in the wrong place — clearly, “Blogger” is just a simulacrum created by the Egypitan resistance.   And, yes, her defenses of her witlessly offensive commenters are particularly hilarious in context.

Also, I’d like to note that were this site to lose its archives it would merely be the equivalent of the lost footage from The Magnificent Ambersons. Or the outtakes from Andrew Ridgley’s solo album, I forget which.

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