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You Can?


Longtime readers will recall Ann Althouse constructing a fantasy-world moderate Sam Alito based on one (exceptionally weak) piece of evidence. Streamlining her apologism, she is now making claims about the moderation of the Roberts Court…with no evidence at all!    Responding to Lithwick and Friedman‘s seemingly uncontroversial claim that in a series of  cases the Roberts Court has been “making it harder and harder for everyday litigants to walk into a courthouse and hold unscrupulous employers, manufacturers of defective products, or polluters to account,” Althouse asserts:

And you could pull out an equivalent list of little cases that make it easier. So what?

Uh…you could? I, for one, would love to hear a list of the cases in which the conservatives on the Roberts Court have made it easier to sue “unscrupulous employers, manufacturers of defective products, or polluters.” Although I would suggest that Althouse make that a law review article, since as far as I can tell nobody else has seen this mysterious line of cases.

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