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Régine Jean-Charles just put out an excellent analysis of Barrett’s description of her children during her confirmation hearing. Subjecting the young children of public figures to extra scrutiny can be problematic. In this case, however, Dr. Jean-Charles is simply calling attention both to the way that Barrett’s supporters have attempted to turn her adopted children […]
On March 24, 1934, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Tydings-McDuffie Act. Better known as the Philippine Independence Act, Tydings-McDuffie initially sounds like a victory for anti-colonialist forces. However, a look at the history of law demonstrates that it actually came out of the deep anti-Asian racism of the West Coast who saw Asian populations […]
December 7, 1941. Asian colonial power attacks U.S. colonial outposts in Hawaii and Philippines. Next 74 years sees no awareness by Americans that racist colonialism of Japan and racist colonialism of the United States have a lot in common. Now, that’s being flippant. And yes, the Japanese occupation of the Philippines was exceptionally brutal. But […]

Evil Personified

On December 18, 2013

It’s always useful to remember the true depraved evil of King Leopold II and the horrors of Belgian rule over the Congo, a legacy that goes far to define the lives of the people of central Afric

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