Holmes v. Berman

In General
On October 28, 2005
While Paul Krugman has turned out to be very effective, I’ve always thought the academic who could be a really exceptional op-ed columnist (or blogger, for that matter) is Stephen Holmes. In addition to his theory scholarship, he’s written a less specialized book (with Cass Sunstein) called The Cost of Rights, which is excellent, very […]
I didn’t predict this at the time, but it seems, as history often does, inevitable in retrospect. Balkin was right–a stealth nominee with no credentials is a deadly combination, because they have no inherent base of support. As for what comes next, Lyle Denniston‘s commentary is, I think, pretty much right on the mark. As […]
Another good point by Ezra: So don’t get angry at Wal-Mart; they’re doing exactly what the market demands. Get angry at lawmakers. Health care simply does not allow the job market to function correctly. Employees can’t change jobs for fear of losing benefits, employers can’t hire full-time workers because they don’t want to pay their […]
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