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The Official LGM Rude Liberal Unicorn Contest


This will be a short entry, as my day planner informs me that I am booked solid with dinner parties. Even during breakfast and lunch…I’ll be attending dinner parties. I’m a liberal; it’s what I do. Apparently.

July 25, 2013

7:oo P.M.: Say rude things to conservatives. Slump off, dejected, after an incredibly handsome, well-endowed patriot deflates you with an impossibly clever riposte.”

It’s pretty much like that all day.

If you think I’m making this up, you may be the sort of asshole liberal who thinks stories about certain kinds of people buying steaks with EBT cards and pompous lefties being gutted by witty wingnuts are mostly bullshit. If you are, indeed, that sort of person, I invite you share your favorite Rude Liberal Unicorn story. Or any familiar story that circulates among the wingnutosphere. I will choose the best stories and we will vote for a winner later.

(This entry was inspired by the awesome commentariat at alicublog and here at LGM. Thanks for the idea, hippy scum!)


UPDATE: I see many of you are just making up your own stories, which is a much funnier idea than mine…so…carry on. Contest is still on, though.

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