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Yesterday Dalia Lithwick had an excellent column on the lack of actual arguments from the anti-marriage equality forces. This was certainly in evidence to anyone watching the debate in the Washington house of representatives earlier this week. With the outcome not in doubt, the defenders of discrimination tended to wax philosophical, with hilarious results. There […]

Comedy Gold

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On August 30, 2007
Jeff Goldstein really should be performing with a brick wall in the background: Still, I think there are certain elements of an actual conspiracy here that shouldn’t be overlooked — most specifically, a kind of institutional willingness to repeat each other’s debunked stories in an effort to turn certain narratives, through repetition, into received truths. […]
Fred Hiatt really is a marvel. His latest seems to contain every idiotic possible argument for defending Bush’s perpetual war while pretending not to: willful blindness about Bush’s actual position, wails about “partisanship” (that, of course, are entirely directed at Democrats), the Petraeus dodge, etc. In other words, pretty much what you’d expect from an […]
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