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Henry Farrell notes a contradiction in Brooks’s embarrassingly belated realization that George W. Bush is not, in fact, a Burke/Oakeshott conservative. My favorite example from the Brooks archives, however, has to be this one: Because of that legacy, we stink at social engineering. Our government couldn’t even come up with a plan for postwar Iraq […]

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On September 13, 2007
Wheeler and Marshall on the role of Bush crony Ray “Son of Howard” Hunt in the collapse of the Iraq oil deal, which would seem to ensure that nothing remotely resembling a viable Iraqi state is on the horizon. The frightening thing about Iraq has always been that it would be enormously difficult to construct […]
Fourteen-star general Ralph “Blood N’ Guts” Peters actually dusts off the “our inability to prevent massive gas truck suicide bombings that kill hundreds of people proves that…Al Qaeda is in its last throes and we’re winning” routine. And merits an approving link and quote, of course, from the most popular conservative blogger. These people really […]
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