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This may surprise some folks, but I’d like to congratulate Victor Davis Hanson for stumbling upon the perfectly uncontroversial notion that Osama is bug-fuck crazy: The truth is that bin Laden and al Qaeda want power for themselves, and use religious grievances and shifting political demands to try to achieve it. In their worldview, Islam’s […]
Apparently, Victor Davis Hanson went cuckoo for cocoa puffs the other day. Why did I not hear about this? Behold: One does not have to embrace Buchananism, to see that a growing challenge in this century will be the smiley international corporation, not in the sense of a handle-bar moustache and black-hat villain stealing third-world […]


On March 18, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson may or may not actually f**k like a beast — I really don’t want to think about it — but he certainly writes as if he were swinging slabs of raw pork against his k

"Amoral Propensity"

In Victor Davis Hanson
On February 19, 2007
Victor Davis Hanson is working on a novel. I’m sure it will be . . . uh . . . not good. Meantime, Hanson among others has twisted his toga into a bundle over the allegation that Austrian sniper rifles sold to Iran have ended up killing Americans in Iraq. Hanson, employing his patented technique […]
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