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With Democrats like these


A bill that would have made it slightly more difficult to get personal exemptions for vaccine requirements just died in the Colorado senate, in large part because Gov. Jared Polis wouldn’t support it.

“The minute you try to have the government forcing anybody to do something with their kids, you’re going to create distrust of vaccinations, which is already a problem,” he told CPR’s Colorado Matters in March. “We want to go the other way.”

Indeed, the measure has generated intense opposition from some parents who feel vaccines are harmful and ineffective and that the bill is an overreach and a slippery slope to banning exemptions altogether.

Colorado kindergarteners have the lowest vaccination rate in the nation, due to what I believe scientists have now identified as the Johnson-Stein Moron Continuum.

Meanwhile, the four Democrats on the nine-member University of Colorado Board of Regents all voted last month to make this guy the “sole finalist,” aka the actual selection, for the job of university president (scroll down to page 17 of his CV to get to the heart of the matter).

The “sole finalist” gimmick is a way of dodging the state’s open records law, which would otherwise allow the public to know the identities of the five other finalists who went through multi-hour in person interviews for the job, but were dubbed “semi-finalists” (three of these people were actually academics, while another was, per one of the regents, an even more egregious Republican politico than Kennedy).

After the “community” had a chance to consider whether somebody like Kennedy was a good choice to run the state’s top research university, the four Democratic regents reversed their votes yesterday, just as the horse was getting to Nebraska.

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