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The Stock Photography of White Supremacists


Yesterday I ended up on the timeline of the mayo-based baby-chute, Wife With a Purpose. (Thank you, Shakezula?) I scrolled through a bit of her timeline, noting that–after she had the grossly-distended ovaries to deny the charge she was a white supremacist– proceeded to RT a bunch of memes that have probably been featured on this twitter feed: White Motivation.

I used to hate-follow White Motivation, but its combination of unabashed hatefulness and megawatt dumbitude convinced me that’s life too short. But this–and other–timelines have left an impression. I’m fascinated the photographs they use to cosplay whiteness. The women are mostly blonde, always blue-eyed. But beyond that, they are clearly models. The men–when featured, because there is a very clear premium put on white chicks reproducing–are also clearly models.

So I guess that–in addition to being white–you should also look like you stepped out of the pages of Vogue or Esquire. I have sour news for the white supremacists, but this is going to leave A LOT of them out of this whiteness LARPing.

I’m also fascinated by their portrayals of children, which are often little girls with their hair done up in a style that I think is supposed to evoke countries like Germany and its nearby Scandinavian neighbors. These little girls aren’t just white–they’re the whitest of the white! They are the supremist little baby-factories-in-training!


I wonder if in 10 or 15 years Erik will be teaching about the photography and memes used during this ugly period of our history. This is, of course, assuming this shittiness has mostly fallen out of favor by then.

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