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Fournier: Love the Trumpete^er, Hate the Trump


I ran Mr. Fournier’s latest at Ye Atlantic through my Fournierocantranslator and got “I’m crazy about Trump’s supporters, but why can’t Donald Trump be a big brash anti-establishment disruptive loudmouth bully boy but only do it morely less so?”

(Also, a thousand metal voices shouting “Hail!” but that’s a programming error.)

I love his connection to people. Amid the public’s disillusionment and disconnection toward politics, Trump offers bracing change. Thousands of people wait in long lines and bad weather to attend his rallies. They send donations to a billionaire who denounces PAC money. Many know Trump to be a flawed candidate, even a flawed man, but they hear him speaking for them. I call his supporters, respectfully, “Crazy Buts.” Trump might be crazy, they tell me, but he’s a winner, and they’re tired of America losing. I hear versions of this that amount to saying:

“Crazy, but he can’t be worse than what we got.”

“Crazy, but he’s punishing the establishment.”

“Crazy, but he’s driving the media nuts.”

“Crazy, but he says what I can’t say.”

I hate how he exploits people’s fears instead of appealing to their aspirations, their better angels. I hate how he gives people license to say hateful things. I understand why Trump’s backers are angry, and I don’t subscribe to the theory that most of them are bigots. But they are condoning bigotry.

I don’t think so Sparky, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to make that crowd angry.

Also from the Fournierocantranslator: “Talking out of three sides of my mouth is hard! [++Cliche Error++]”

I’m having trouble expressing my disdain for Trump without appearing to cast aspersions upon his supporters, or to be a defender of the establishment. So let me be clear. I loathe him. I respect his supporters. And I hope that after Trump is finished grinding the gears of the political machine in 2016 Americans find a better vehicle for change.

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