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Oh My!


Please read this ridiculously funny post by Rebecca Watson, responding to a fellow “skeptic” giving advice to women on how not to get raped.

An excerpt:

Women are typically only ten percent smaller than their male counterparts, and for those who find this a little too cryptic, people know that a wasp will fight to defend itself. That’s its self defence mechanism, and that fact alone will discourage most attackers.”

This is 100% true. I am at least a million times bigger than a wasp and those are terrifying. So this is great advice ladies. If you are confronted with a potential rapist, you should channel your inner wasp. That potential rapist should not know whether you’re just buzzing around for a bit before taking off or whether you’re about to stab him to death with something popping out of your butt.

Now, I like Rebecca very much and think she’s spot on most of the time, but clearly this advice is terrible. Certainly if I were trying to prevent my own rape I could channel my inner-wasp. But, really, how is being aloof yet polite and possibly Episcopalian going to be an effective preventative? Come on, Rebecca, you’re better than this.

OK, silliness aside, I want to thank all the men out there giving women helpful advice on how not to get raped. It’s really thoughtful. Now, I’m going to return the favor and give you some helpful advice on how not to get murdered: 1.) Don’t wear skinny jeans. They look terrible on everyone but men, especially. I don’t want to have to murder you if eye-rape me with your poor fashion sense. 2.) Don’t give women advice on how not to get raped. No, really. Don’t.

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