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This is the grave of Doc Holliday. Born in 1851 in Griffin, Georgia, John Holliday grew up during the Civil War and then left for dentistry school in Pennsylvania in 1870. When he finished, he moved to St. Louis and then Atlanta. He may have been involved in a scene of racial violence there, as […]
This is the grave of Louis Brandeis. Born in 1856 in Louisville to secular Jewish immigrant parents from Prague, Brandeis grew up there mostly, although the family did return to Europe for a few years in the 1870s when the American economy slumped. The Brandeis family were relatively prosperous merchants who had the resources to […]
This is the grave of Lionel Hampton. Born in 1908 in Louisville, he and his mother moved frequently in his youth–to Birmingham, then to Kenosha, and then to Chicago. He took an interest in music from a young age, particularly in percussion. He started taking xylophone lessons as a boy and played the drums for […]
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