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This is the grave of Meridel Le Sueur. Born in 1900 in Murray, Iowa, she grew up in a reformist family. Her family was involved in temperance, Populism, labor rights, the IWW, and other political movements. She imbibed deeply in all of them. Her parents divorced and her mother married the socialist ex-mayor of Minot, […]
This is the grave of Kate Chase. Born in 1840 in Cincinnati, Kate Chase was the daughter of the legendary Ohio politician Salmon Chase. Her mother died when Kate was five and she had a rough relationship with Chase’s next wife, although she didn’t live too long, just like Chase’s first two wives. Kate was […]
This is the grave of Allan Pinkerton. Born in 1819 in Glasgow, Scotland, Pinkerton’s father died young. Forced to survive basically on his own, Pinkerton became a voracious reader and autodidact and then joined the Chartist movement. That’s, uh, a little ironic given his later career. In 1842, he emigrated to Illinois. He got involved […]
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