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These are the graves of William Patterson, Jack and Sue Kling, and Art and Esther Shields. William Paterson was born in 1890 or 1891 in San Francisco. His father was an immigrant from St. Vincent and his mother a former slave. He mostly grew up without his father, who was a missionary for the Seventh-Day […]
This is the grave of Wade Hampton, II. Wade Hampton II is the son of the famed Revolutionary War leader and the father of the post-Civil War scumbag Wade Hampton III. And look, Hampton II was a South Carolina slaver with all that meant. He was born in 1791, was educated in elite schools, owned […]
This is the grave of George Ruffin and Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin. George Ruffin was born in 1834 in Richmond to free parents. Josephine St. Pierre was born free in Boston in 1842 to an English father and a mother from Martinique. George’s family moved to Boston in 1853 where they could live in more […]
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