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Wednesday Linkage

[ 9 ] March 13, 2013 |

Some links for your reading pleasure:


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  1. I’m pretty certain that sports leagues could dishonestly OVERstate their profits…and the various players’ unions would still bend over backwards to accommodate them so long as the owners promised to fuck over rookies.

    • mpowell says:

      It’s a problem in all unions, but exceptionably notable in a business where the average employee last 5 years or less. And everyone is convinced that they’re the one who will last 15.

      • Yeah, but in the case of the NFLPA and MLBPA, they actually hurt themselves by being deluded into the idea that they were going to get teams to overspend on “established veterans” by screwing over amateurs. Especially the NFL players.

        • wengler says:

          Those two unions aren’t very comparable. The last MLBPA CBA did a lot to reform the system of drafting and the slot pay for each draft pick to sign. But those aren’t even so much rookies but potential future MLB players. Baseball also pays for its development system for the most part.

          It’s the NFL that relies solely on an ‘amateur’ system of development and training and contracts full of non-guaranteed money.

  2. actor212 says:

    Re: Rand Paul

    What legal obstacles does he face? Salon makes no mention.

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