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That Freeloading Bitch Believes That You Should Get Something For The Medical Insurance You’re Forced to Pay For!


Submitted without further comment.

…for those who have already had their fill of mangos for the day, the cartoon in question portrays various Democratic women as literal bitches being held on a leash by a shiny Barack Obama (who, in fairness, is not wearing a pimp outfit.) The drawing makes the guy who draws Mallard Fillmore — who’s also funnier — look like an artistic genius. Anyway, feel free not to take my word for it, but it’s part of the broad winger tradition that’s not so much failed humor as not-humor (or perhaps the existential negation of humor.)

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  • CB

    is that actually considered funny? wow. i mean, just…wow.

    • William Burns

      Not only is it considered funny, it’s considered crushing evidence that conservatives are the true supporters of women.

      • And liberals are the Real Racists.

        • joe from Lowell

          You can always spot the Real Racists, because they’re the ones whose political coalitions include people of other races.

          • DrDick

            And actually support legislation that protects their rights.

    • DrDick

      Absolutely no racism in conservatism or misogyny either!

  • from the comments:
    Darleen says March 16, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Ah, LGM notices but refuses to understand.
    Big surprise.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Oh, I think I understand perfectly well, but I appreciate her concern.

      • According to that thread, you’ve also apparently morphed into SEK.

        • Hogan

          And peed in Jeff’s Sugar Frosted Flakes.

        • And I’m stunned to find out that Robert McCain’s very own Smitty is enamored of her “edgy” cartooning.

          • DrDick

            I am stunned that Smitty knows how to spell “edgy.”

            • You can’t become an official blog sidekick without learning how to press the spellcheck box before posting.

          • timb

            To be fair, Smitty wanted Barrack to be in a pimp suit and to be calling the dogs bitches and ho’s, but he’s more a neo-Confederate racist than a objectifying misogynist…

            Oh, hold it, I’m told he’s both. He like an anti-Renaissance man in that he is the master of all disgusting things.

      • timb

        Well, at least she didn’t call the Statute of Libery a bitch. Her message has moved from blatant racism to just overt poor taste and hatred of women who, you know, care about women.

      • I was the PW SEK before there was a PW SEK, even at LGM. I’d put it on my CV but it’d be a bitch of a Scrabble hand.

    • mark f

      Darleen says March 16, 2012 at 2:37 pm
      [quote from other commenter]This really adds nothing to the debate about health insurance, birth control, or religious liberty
      [end quote]

      BWHAHA. As if Fluke, channeling the KKK’s anti-Catholism, does!

      But then Good Christian Bitches is the height of art.


      Sandra Fluke is a socialist Marxian KKK Jew unionist industrial profiteer!

      • timb

        Who hates Catholics so much she goes to a Catholic law school and pays as much a year as I paid for my four (part-time) years.

        • Scott Lemieux

          Why are the 98% of Roman Catholics who use contraception channeling the Klan?

      • Njorl

        You left out prostitute, Democrat operative and, most sinister of all, co-ed impersonator!

      • I guess part of the comedy must be that crazy left-wingers forced Disney to hire that Christian lady Kristen Chenoweth to do a TV show that implies that good Christians like Darleen Click are awful people. She showed THEM.

    • “To understand” means to completely agree without any reservations. This is why college is so dangerous, by teaching young adults how to understand things, they’ll be completely swayed to the liberal agenda.

  • Leaving aside actual white supremacist sites, is there any section of the intarweb sleazier than PW?

    • timb

      McCain’s site is grosser, but only barely.

      Weasel Zippers is also just stomach churning.

      • I’d count McCain among the actual white supremacists. I’m fortunate enough to have never encountered Weasel Zippers.

        • timb

          Good point on McCain. Ever read anything by Dan Riehl, Mark Levin’s butt-boy? It’s pretty ugly over there.

          But, I still PW takes the cake. It’s the only site where the owner threatened to beat me up for disagreeing with him.

          But, still, Mal, where ya gonna go to experience the heady rush of reactionary politics, catch wrestling, and self-pity?

          • Personally, I find Edroso’s pithy summaries to be sufficient.

  • david mizner

    This is horrifying. I’m talking, of course, about Darlene Click’s drawing ability. And check this one out, in which she portrays Obama as a rapist.


    I didn’t know the right’s lack of artistic skill extended to cartoonists.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yeah, I discussed that earlier one here. Christ, when I implied she was capable of equally offensive work I didn’t mean it as a dare…

    • I didn’t know the right’s lack of artistic skill extended to cartoonists.

      You are clearly unfamiliar with the oeuvre of Chris Muir.

      • Hogan

        What the . . . that thing makes the “Kantian nihilism” strip look coherent.

        • Scott Lemieux

          I didn’t know Dionne Warwick had been elected president…

        • If you think that made no sense, try this (warning: link shows even more of Muir’s issues regarding women than most dbd strips).

          • R Johnston

            That makes about as much sense as a drunken Santorum dressed up as Smurfette in a top hat, doing a one man show of The Vagina Monologues.

            • Yea, leave aside all the psycho-sexual issues on prominent display – he thinks day care for toddlers is provided by public schools. I think.

              • Hogan

                I wonder if he just draws a bunch of panels, then combines them at random to make up the daily strips. It would explain a lot, although not the continuing lack of ability to draw.

                • mark f

                  The latest few strips are about one of the female characters buying an old Dodge Charger because TAKE THAT SANDRA FLUKE. I shit you not.

                • I’m trying to imagine a context where “kung-fu, bitches!” makes sense, and failing.

                • IM

                  recombining these panels is a sadly No pastime. They actually make more sense rearranged.

                • sparks

                  “is”? It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen a Muir done up proper by any of the Sadlies.

      • Davis X. Machina

        You are clearly unfamiliar with the oeuvre of Chris Muir


        Is ‘oeuvre’ French for ‘poo’?

        • I miss when Gavin M. would fix Muir’s strips for him.

          • RhZ

            Much love to Gavin, but I miss Billmon more.

    • Morbo

      It’s as if she thinks the Onion’s editorial cartoons are sincere.

  • efgoldman

    Gawd. I hope I can get my stomach to stop turning over with rage in time to eat dinner. I hope there’s enough Pepto in the house.
    What shits. Absolute shits.

    • timb

      Presumably, they vote

  • gaz

    jeez, really?

    You know, I could have happily continued living the rest of my life never knowing that that crazy woman or PW ever existed.

    Thanks. Now I have to hunt for the brain bleach…

  • pete

    A woman drew those things? Really? I think the rape one is even worse than the bitches on leashes one. That’s the most offensive pair of things I’ve seen in a long time. In comparison, El Rushbo was a laugh riot.

    • Njorl

      I can understand how a woman who has reconciled herself to being a subhuman would hate women who refuse.

  • mingo

    There is so much nauseating fail in that drawing. Misogyny, racism, utter bone-headed moronic stupidity, flavored with smug and vicious ugliness. Finish up with the total lack of ability and talent, and voila! wingnut “humor”.

    • Hogan

      And she thinks we refuse to understand.

  • efgoldman

    She pissed us off. For her, a win.

    • joe from Lowell

      Well then, it’s a win-win. As long as acting pissed off gets them to keep shooting themselves in the foot, we should keep it up.

      How big do you think they can inflate that gender gap up to by November? 14 points? 18?

    • timb


      It’s their measure of success. Well, that and cock-slapping

  • mark f

    Wait, why is the PW post tagged “hypocrites”? I wouldn’t say I’m refusing to get that part, exactly, but I’m definitely not.

    On the subject of crappy winger cartoonery, I liked the still from the video embedded at Atrios. A little less, uh, “high concept” than Click’s, but very respectful of Ms. Fluke.

    • Wait, why is the PW post tagged “hypocrites”?

      It’s hypocritical.

      • Jeff’s understanding of what hypocrisy is is similar to Alanis Morrisette’s understanding of irony.

    • Scott Lemieux

      It’s very hypocritical for people to be part of a coalition that’s more likely to protect their rights and interests. The true act of principle would be to join the other side!

  • jsmdlawyer

    As far as I am concerned, the more the right wing talks about “religious liberty/sluts/prostitutes” the worse it is for their electoral prospects. The misogyny and bad art is just a bonus. Keep on paddling, there, Darleen!

    And what is it with Goldstein and excretory functions? I haven’t gotten out of the boat over there in years, but cleary, nothing has changed.

    • You wouldn’t expect something like Godlstein to evolve, would you?

  • c u n d gulag

    Back in the Mesozoic Era, when I was a kid, I remember matchbooks (things used to light cigarettes, which pretty much everyone smoked – and since real lighters were expensive, and the throw-away kind had yet to be invented, were used by all but the rich) that had a little picture of Bambi, the cartoon deer, and the matchbood said, ‘Draw Bambi, and win a scholarship to an Art School, free!”

    I always wondered what happened to those people who didn’t win the ‘free scholarship?’
    They submitted their drawings, but didn’t win. What ever happened to them?
    House painters?
    Billboard painters?

    And now I know – they went on to draw “Mallard Fillmore,” and other hideous Conservative, and not-funny (but I repeat myself), cartoons.

    • sparks

      My father had three lighters! I never knew we were one of the very rich. I guess that tired old Buick in the garage was there to deceive.

      When I saw those “draw Bambi” ads, I figured if I could draw Bambi, I was too talented to need them anyway. The ones who couldn’t draw Bambi with an original cel and an overhead projector to help became bad wingnut cartoonists, where ability is the last thing anyone needs.

  • herr doktor bimler

    Protein Wisdom? Is he still begging for financial support from his readers?

    • timb

      Every month and they pony up every time

      • firefall

        Its a shill?
        ohhhhh so thats what Newt is doing when hes meant to be campaigning

        • R Johnston

          Nah. Newt’s sincerely a moron.

          • Timb

            So is Jeff. Only a fool believes that fool doesn’t believe the foolish things he claims….*

            *I suppose it sounded better in my head

      • herr doktor bimler

        It is too much to hope that the offending blogpost or Ms Click’s cartoon used the word “freeloader”, on a website founded on the concept that finding a job is for the little people. Perhaps it was Scott’s interpolation. Excuse me if I do not wander over to PW to check, but I prize the purity of my beautiful mind.

  • Njorl

    Entertainment taps into all sorts of emotions – love, lust, fear etc. Most comedy is based on fear.

    Conservatives seem to favor hate. They love revenge fantasy movies. They love radio hosts to rile them up with victimhood so they can hate some victimizer. For humor, they rely on derision. Take something hated, diminish it in some way, and that’s humor.

    Derision is certainly not exclusive to conservatives. I’ve seen it turned on them quite often. What does seem to be exclusive to them is that the derision itself is considered funny. Other people need some sort of cleverness associated with the derision for it to qualify as humor.

    “Rush Limbaugh is fat.” That’s not funny, even to a dedicated liberal.
    “Sandra Fluke is a slut.” To conservatives, that’s funny.

    It is very strange.

  • joe from Lowell

    If I understand this correctly, the cartoonist set out to express the thought that it’s silly to think that the right’s position on contraception coverage doesn’t represent any sort of hostility towards women, or any effort to demean women or their sexuality.

    In order to express this sentiment, the cartoonist decided to depict a number of prominent women as dogs, wearing leashes, one of whom is licking her junk.

    Clearly, this entire episode must have been some sort of brilliant trap laid by the most cunning minds in the Democratic Party, because only the most brilliant of gambits could have succeeded in making people who would do something like that make a political error.

    • mark f

      You blacks women need to realize you’re just dumb slaves bitches chained leashed to your Democrat masters!

      Hrm. These exit polls seem to show an alarming gap among minority female voters. How do we solve this? I know! Quick, take to the airwaves to brag that all the real people Americans voted for us.

    • SamR

      Its really unfair the way liberals keep forcing conservatives to say, write,and draw vile things. They’re so victimized by liberal nefariousness!

  • The cartoonist just now on Twitter said feminists have “daddy issues.” Her Twitter handle is @DarleenClick.

    It’s rather amusing.

  • Ah, LGM notices but refuses to understand.

    Would this be entirely unreasonable? I mean, I’m not sure I get it. Why is Sandra Fluke eating her own ass?

    Plus, I think it’s a stretch notorious ball-busting “bitches” like Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz as helpless dogs on a leash. There seem to be some wingnut memes at war in that really really really poorly-drawn cartoon.

    The comments are heartbreaking. One fucknut says it’s a work of genius. I imagine he has many Thomas Kinkade paintings in his home.

    • Let me correct a sentence so it actually makes sense.

      Plus, I think it’s a stretch to portray notorious ball-busting “bitches” like Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz

      That’ll teach me to post tipsy and baffled.

    • Hogan

      They just needed a (black) man to tame them.

    • sparks

      The best argument twixt artists I ever witnessed was one where a very religious artist was telling a wingnut sympathizing artist that Kinkade was indeed terrible/worthless. The sputtering and defensiveness provided was entertainment gold.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Why is Sandra Fluke eating her own ass?

      It’s a clever inside joke that, as one must concede, does describe pretty much all the content at PW.

    • dangermouse

      Would this be entirely unreasonable? I mean, I’m not sure I get it. Why is Sandra Fluke eating her own ass?

      She’s licking herself because she’s the slut, see.

      Just the sort of classy comedic stylings you can expect from Darleen Click and the Ladies Who Hate Ladies All-Stars.

  • libarbarian


    Jeff G responded to a critic in a way that, while as low-class as we’d expect, actually did NOT involve threats of physical violence and/or “cockslaping”.

    I suspect an imposter.

  • More Click:

    Because Maher’s “Palin is a cunt” or TN Dem Rep. Janis Baird Sontany’s “You have to lift their [Republican women] skirts to find out if they are women.” are SO nuanced …

    Such nuance requires, then, that LGM is as right-wing as Darleen Click.

    • cpinva

      well, it’s true that mr. maher is the liberal equivalent of mr. limbaugh, leading the democratic party and such. oh, wait, um, he isn’t. that, and mr. maher’s show is on HBO, for which you have to pay to watch, reducing his audience significantly.

      as to rep. sontany’s comments:

      The remark at a Saturday Democratic breakfast was initially reported by blogger Dru Smith Fuller. Sontany acknowledged the statement when asked and described it as “a glib, off-the-cuff remark” that “was inappropriate on my part.”

      yep, all so very equivalent.

      • dangermaus

        that, and mr. maher’s show is on HBO, for which you have to pay to watch, reducing his audience significantly.

        Why am I not outraged about someone saying something I had literally never heard of until Republicans demanded I be outraged about it.

  • cpinva

    i see the qualifications for “genius” have dropped significantly. i guess the fact that limbaugh’s whole rant was predicated on an outright lie means nothing to such as darleen. pretty pathetic, really.

  • Paul T. Lazaro

    Also, too, I have to point out that Darleen IS A COUNTY WORKER: she loves “treats” too.

    • Timb

      Keep the damn government off her government job!

  • Paul Hobbs

    Everything surrounding this latest skirmish in the conservative war on women has brought out the ugliest and most hateful shit I’ve ever seen on the internet. It saddens me that the commenters on that site are out in the world working with normal people, and maybe having kids.

  • Rarely Posts

    OK, this cartoon is deplorable on multiple levels, but Scott, you’re just wrong about this:

    “The drawing makes the guy who draws Mallard Fillmore — who’s also funnier — look like an artistic genius.”

    Mallard Fillmore is not funnier than any cartoon. Any cartoon at all. It’s just not possible, and it’s not funnier than this dreck. This cartoonist is also a better artist-the cartoon does have at least a touch of whimsy to it that Fillmore is incapable of. Now, the cartoon may well be more offensive than the average Mallard Fillmore, but I would submit that it is better drawn, more “entertaining,” and more “comedic.” I at least could identify some “joke” like elements to the piece, and the producer seemed aware that a “cartoon” is not just a random picture that is accompanied by conservative bargle.

    Now, I know that it’s always tempting to say, “worse than Mallard Fillmore,” whenever we see a piece of conservative political “art” that manages to plumb the depths of bad aesthetics, taste, humorlessness, politics, etc. After all, any conservative, cartoonesque tragedy brings Mallard Fillmore to mind. But it doesn’t make the comparison right!

    Personally, I would create a “Fillmore’s Law” that imitates Godwin’s Law. When a conservative creates a trashy piece of picture junk that is neither funny nor artistic, we should criticize it. But, the first person who suggests that it is as bad as or worse than Mallard Fillmore automatically loses the thread.

    • RhZ


  • cpinva

    having never heard of the site’s owner, i read the “about” section. this item at the bottom was, um, revealing:

    *I recently received an email from one of my old writing teachers asking that he be removed from any association with me. So, while I did in fact study with him, we’re to pretend that I didn’t. After all, one can hardly be expected to keep up the veneer of intellectualism if they are caught consorting with people whose speech they disagree with.

    i wonder how often that happens? so far, i’ve not received an email from any of my former accounting or econ instructors, requesting that i never mention them by name. i am surprised that at least one my statistics instructors hasn’t, though not because of any policy disagreements.

  • .

    None of these are intended to be funny. They’re parables with graphics.
    daybyday is like “story” strips in newspapers, but with more text, because these cram in a slew of prefab slogans. (Dayabyday graphics are more commercial stock style.)
    example: http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/031812.jpg
    daybydaycartoon is more “hip” because the young woman are a little spunky (note the winking eye) and they wear their pants and tops low. But the gray haired “smartest People’s Intellectual on the farm” is still “daddy”, even when he feels them up.

    The Darleen Click style is more like some war propaganda posters, traditional yellow journalism hysteria/panic:

    You can hear the same thing on con radio, with team hosts, or host with guest. smug vocal tone:
    a: “like that soshilist obummer! (forced chuckle)”
    b: “yeah (forced chuckle)”
    a: “(forced chuckle) obamiecare! (forced chuckle)”
    (dead air)
    b: “kenya! (forced chuckle)”
    a: “(forced chuckle) yeah! (forced chuckle)”
    b: “(forced chuckle) yeah!”
    (dead air)
    a: “(forced chuckle) yeah!”
    Scratch, sniff, repeat.

    Also akin to telemarketers forcing a giggly smile into their vocal tone.
    Or like grade C sitcom lafftrax, inserted after a line that no one could interpret as a quip, as surreal, or having any wry/humorous content.

    This is automatically effective upon programmed sheeple.

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