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Friday Linkage


Some random Friday linkage:

  • I like Max Fisher; I have nothing against his family. He stands between me and Eli Lake, and that means he’s gonna get paved over.
  • Luck is gone. I really, really tried to get into it; there’s obviously a lot of talent, and perhaps they would have kept it around were it not for the whole “kills a lotta horses” part. But let’s be frank, it was extremely slow to develop, and lacked characters to focus on.
  • Adam Weinstein has a good article on the relationship between Stratfor and Robert Kaplan. I have a quote; I had hoped to wave it off as a “youthful indiscretion,” but apparently I wrote it in 2010. And to be clear, I don’t think it’s obvious that Kaplan is even a realist, and realists shouldn’t in any case be pleased that a realist of “caliber” is achieving greater prominence.
  • Sharks on yachts are 37 different kinds of awesome. This is what we lose when we casually kill off our colorful dictators.
  • Max Boot’s guiding principle is that the United States ought to fight more wars. In service of that principle, he sees little difference between truth and falsehood. ┬áSee also Leon Wielseltier.
  • Foreign Entanglements now has helpful audio, fast audio, and video subscription feeds.
  • I talked Afghanistan yesterday on the Alyona Show:

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