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The fact that it sounds like they’re planning a rape is a coincidence.

[ 35 ] September 29, 2010 |

While the fact that none of the major conservative blogs have rushed to O’Keefe’s defense is amusing, the document CNN acquired is not.  Or only differently.  It contains statements like:

That the people planning the prank—O’Keefe included—know that O’Keefe’s normal persona (or “personality”) is “sleazy” shows improved judgment on their part, at least as concerns character.  Association?  Not so much.  Most reasonable people would rather not associate with someone they consider sleazy.  They also seem to have a problem with hyphens and parallelism (or a very odd notion of what goes on necklaces), but grammar is less significant than the fact that they believed she would fall for something “entirely over the top.”

Going over the top, much less “entirely over the top,” involves creating situations that cross beyond the boundary of believability and into the realm of the unbelievable. The unbelievable (yet merely exaggerated) persona O’Keefe would have employed wouldn’t have been an element of the prank so much as its undoing.  Even if circumstances conspired such that his dress and demeanor didn’t tip Abbie Boudreau off—for example, she could have gone to an eye doctor for an ear infection and boarded the boat with her ears plugged and eyes dilated—the room he had planned for her quickly would:

The only possible conclusion is that they never planned to prank her but merely wanted enough footage so that they could later edit to make it appear as if they pranked her.  They come out and say as much:

All they want to do is “keep her on the boat” long enough to score footage for some future redaction.  They even wrote a script in which the “catalytic [sic] moment” would be having Boudreau call O’Keefe’s unprofessional behavior what it clearly is:

I’m sure they had some entirely unrelated matter against which to juxtapose her accurate assessment of O’Keefe’s behavior, but as that will inevitably be juxtaposed against some other entirely unrelated matter, I think we should all focus on what this lot thought their joke would prove:

I don’t want to be the guy who “writes” posts that consist mostly of photographs, but since they speak for themselves, here are the “hot blondes” who work at CNN:

And here are the “hot blondes” who work at O’Keefe’s de facto employer:

The fact that I had to make the CNN one myself whereas the FOX was already floating around out there makes me wonder what tables they thought they were turning (and on whom)?

UPDATE BY ME: That guy that can’t stop proving himself to be the more clever party is at it again:

This is the way a bromance ends
This is the way a bromance ends
This is the way a bromance ends
Not with a bang, but a twitter.

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  1. Scott Lemieux says:

    keep her on the boat

    I remain outraged that NBC won’t put the Clarence Thomas hearings sketch on Vimeo — it anticipated and made fun of O’Keefe in advance.

  2. DrDick says:

    OK. Now I need to go take a shower. With bleach. And disinfectant. I really did not know cockroaches got that big.

  3. Matt McKeon says:

    Jesus, this is just so…weird. And yucky.

  4. Oscar Leroy says:

    Using a hot chick to focus attention on a story? What kind of scumbag would do something like that?!?

  5. Matt McKeon says:

    Have O’Keefe’s targets always been women?

    • cer says:

      They did also have a plan to have plants yell racial slurs at John Lewis, film it, sell the footage and then have a big “reveal” on Fox.

      So he hates women AND minorities.

  6. (x-posted comment)

    I think the tip-off and the document leak are much more interesting than the punk: O’Keefe doing his sleazy thing isn’t news, even when he targets CNN. Though it does shine a light on the Acorn scam.

    O’Keefe’s band of true believers pulling the rug out from under him in a fundamentally irredeemable way, on the other hand, is weird, fascinating, and begging further study. I want to know more about the tip-off, and I want to know who passed the doc to CNN. (I’d also love to know what idiot puts these kinds of details on paper, and how long it’ll take ACORN to sue and subpoena someone.)

  7. LosGatosCA says:

    The scariest part of all this is that there is a large segment of the population that is imagining roughly the same events as facts but substituting the target of the day, week, month, cycle and the ‘over the top’ smear of the moment.

    Vince Foster’s murder, Al Gore inventing the Internet, John Kerry swift boating, the kid with the stone countertops, Obama’s birth certificate, Michelle’s whitey tape, etc.

    It’s a marginal step up that these loons felt they were required to produce doctored ‘evidence’. The Vince Foster murder and John Kerry’s ‘self inflicted’ wounds required nothing beyond the assertions.

    America has lost it’s mind, it’s conscience, and is always in danger of losing it’s soul.

  8. KC45s says:

    If nothing else, the whole sordid mess makes it clear these fine American boys don’t get to spend much time with women. I guess that explains a lot.

  9. bend says:

    Wow, that document is just gold. Gameplan straight out of Tom Landry’s playbook.

    9. Jokes and one-liners
    Abby, this is a pleasure palace, and I want you to show me your inner sanctum.
    I want to tka eyou to a higher place, CNN must be a tough place to work, let’smake some headline love.

    It’s not news, it’s CNN

  10. wengler says:

    They actually outlined the ‘big lies’ they wanted to spread. I never thought James O’Keefe and company would be so literal in describing the techniques they were using to manipulate.

    Conservative blogs aren’t going to pick this up because they know that a huge part of their movement is lying to their own true believers. Since the target this time is a flagging cable news network I certainly hope CNN uses this opportunity in the spotlight in order to drive this snake into the ground.

    O’Keefe’s hit job destroyed an entire nationwide community service organization whose crime was that they had the gaul to register voters in low-income areas. What goes around comes around. Come on CNN, go get him.

  11. hv says:

    I don’t want to be the guy who “writes” posts that consist mostly of photographs, but since they speak for themselves…

    I have loved the recent montages, keep up the great work. In both of these cases, much more than the photos might be gilding the lily.

    • tenacitus says:

      Its easy to make mistakes typing on a Nokia :-(. What I meant to say was;

      I wonder if he would have tried to rape her . I can imagine O’Creep trying to give her a roofie or surreptitiously trying to place a tab of acid on her skin. I noticed that the only person who warned her was also a woman.

      The title that you picked SEK is appropriate I think.

      • Linnaeus says:

        I noticed that the only person who warned her was also a woman.

        I also noticed that, and the more I think about it, the more I think that that wasn’t a coincidence.

        Of course, that woman’s duties have been reassigned to someone else, so she’s kinda “suspended with pay”. I suspect that won’t last long and she’ll be outta there fairly soon.

      • Obviousman says:

        Any normal person who would do this to a woman, even one who wasn’t on parole for recording people without consent, would currently be in prison without bail awaiting trial. IOKIYAR.

        And his deal was to con her, to humiliate her. You think he’s going to have any moral problems using drugs when cajoling failed?

  12. LuckyJim JD says:

    Between his Acorn “pimp” caper and now this “boat seduction with gold chains” stunt, it is clear that this O’Keefe fellow has spent far too much time alone in his room (or perhaps his parents’ basement?) watching bad 70s porn videos. Perhaps Christine O’Donnell can set him straight on the sin of onanism.

  13. Randy says:

    The thing about the incident that makes it unfunny for me (sorry to be such a downer) is that O’Keefe’s career as a professional conservative pain-in-the-ass will not be hurt. The whole incident will be written off with a benign chuckle as evidence of his youthful high spirits. The whistleblower Izzy Santa (great name!) will, however, be cast into the outer darknes for her disloyalty.

  14. Xenocrates says:

    These people (Breitbart, O’Keeffe et al.) are truly beneath contempt. The next media outlet that treats either one of them as a “journalist” is full ‘o crap. Call these idiots out for what they are; the proud descendants of Nixon’s Dirty Tricks squad. Disgusting is the word that comes to mind.

  15. Cripdyke says:

    I wonder what the conditions of his probation are.

    Given the laws in Maryland requiring permission from all parties being videotaped, it is clear that he was engaged in conspiracy to break those laws. What level of violation is that? Misdemeanor? Felony?

    And in the terms of his probation are there specific details about avoiding the types of behaviors that got him into trouble in New Orleans. The violation of Maryland law will of course be a reason to send him to the slammer for a while. But if it violates specific (not vague) portions of his parole, he can be sent back without any trial.

    I wonder just exactly how much trouble and of exactly which type this guy is in.

  16. […] woman encounters a perp at some time, and the memos showed the mindset of a sex offender. (SEK at Lawyers, Guns and Money speculates that O’Keefe knew seduction was ridiculous, but thought he had a good chance of […]

  17. […] sting operations being run by O’Keefe and company generally seem to involve sex trafficking or sexual harassment.   Whatever is going on in their minds, it would be nice if they’d leave people trying to […]

  18. listwns says:

    I wonder just exactly how much trouble and of exactly which type this guy is in.

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