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His superiors no doubt consider him the most prestigious feather in their cap.*


A few months back, during an exchange which still bothers me for all the obvious reasons, The Donalde defended himself against my charge that certain of his posts created a hostile learning environment for female students with a riposte in which he claimed that

This is a private blogging matter. American Power is hosted on Blogger. None of my college identification pages link to my blog. I recommend my blog for students to read, on a voluntary, non-assignment basis. Occasionally I’ll pull up an academic post in class as a lecture launcher—and actually, THAT’S A GOOD TEACHING THING!

At the time, my response was to mock him via translation:

“This blog is a private, unaffiliated entity that I recommend students read and display in class.”

But now I can’t help but wonder what “GOOD TEACHING THING!” he recommended his students read could have resulted in this:

I’m sure there must be some grand misunderstanding between The Donalde and Photobucket about the “Women” he posted as examples (exemplars?) of “Weekday Hotness,” just as I’m sure that none of the female students he encourages to read his blog will be the least bit disturbed that their professor’s “Babe Blogging” is so pornographic that Photobucket refuses to host the “image or video” he wanted to post.

That … or the opposite.  Because in all seriousness, the line The Donalde regularly crosses is the one ethical professors do their damnedest to avoid. Tenure has made a monster of him, and for the sake of his wife and children and students, I hope (but doubt) it only emerges online.  After all, what spouse or student or spawn would respect a tenured professor who posted pornography to score a few random hits from perverts?

*I’m not reneging on my promise not to mock The Donalde again, I’m just genuinely disturbed by his behavior.

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