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I’m sure there are non-MAGA analysts who think that the United States can just move on from the Trump Administration, but I haven’t come across any in the wild. Most recognize that Trump’s toxic blend of narcissism, ignorance, and personal corruption damaged U.S. domestic politics in ways that will haunt the country for years to […]


On November 15, 2020

Hello from the other side. After eight years of talks, China and 14 other nations from Japan to New Zealand to Myanmar on Sunday formally signed one of the world’s largest regional free trade agreem

Is there a German phrase for “something that you pretty much already know but still manages to be shocking when you encounter it”? Because that’s what I experienced reading Carl Bernstein’s report on Trump’s telephone calls with foreign leaders. In hundreds of highly classified phone calls with foreign heads of state, President Donald Trump was […]
Alex Cooley and I have a new piece in Foreign Policy about “multipolar populism.” Despite important regional, cultural, and political differences, many contemporary populists embrace multipolarity—an international system composed of multiple great powers rather than one or two superpowers. They do so as a rhetorical aspiration, a vision of a global order that privileges national sovereignty […]
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