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Yep, pretty much no difference between Democrats and Republicans except that Republicans want to Drain the Swamp and Democrats have e-mail server practices that should lead to the death penalty for all involved: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed an aggressively anti-choice bill that would have criminalized abortions after 20 weeks—with no exceptions for cases […]

Modern Heroes

On May 25, 2016

I still maintain that some of the greatest heroes in the United States are those in the deepest red states fighting for reproductive rights. Opening an abortion clinic in the United States is never ea

I know what this is like, to be attacked by lunatics from around the country whipped up by frothing goat-molesting idiots: A Portland ice cream shop is bombarded with dozens of threats from people clear across the country after raising money for Planned Parenthood. The owners of What’s the Scoop? in North Portland created a […]
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