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Choosing Sterilization


Since Dobbs, we’ve seen an uptick in women choosing sterilization as the ultimate way to control their reproductive system.

Dr. Amy Bryant, an OB-GYN with UNC Health, told The News & Observer that she received three or four requests for tubal ligation procedures within the past week — an increase from the requests she would normally only receive “every once in a while.” Bryant said that, considering the timing of the increased requests in relation to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, she thinks the increase in requests is “definitely due” to the Supreme Court’s decision.

“I think people are quite legitimately scared of having their reproductive autonomy taken from them and not being able to, you know, make decisions that might be the right one for them,” Bryant said.

Dr. Marc Rogers, a urologist and director of men’s health at UNC Health, said he received 45 requests for vasectomies in June — up from 20 requests in April and 28 requests in May. In just one day last week, Rogers said, he saw three patients who mentioned the Roe decision in their reasoning to receive a vasectomy.

Interesting that men are also choosing this. There’s a longer LA Times piece that explores women choosing sterilization, but I don’t subscribe so can’t get behind the paywall.

I await Republican legislatures passing bans on sterilization, starting in, oh, March 2023 or something. In any case, it’s pretty bad when you have to choose an invasive medical procedure to control your body, but that’s where we are in this misogynist, reactionary nation.

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