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North Carolina has not had a functioning democratic system since the Republican takeover in 2011. Its extreme gerrymandering is just one of the consequences but it’s probably the most important given that it protects these fascists from challenge. That may be about to end. On Tuesday, a three-judge panel delivered a major blow against Republican […]

Black Cemeteries

On February 7, 2019

I’m a little behind in my grave posts because I have been trying to get a bunch of other things done. Unlike what people generally believe, I do not find cemeteries interesting at all for themse

This is the grave of John Porter East. Born in 1931 in Springfield, Illinois, East went to Earlham College, where he played offensive line on the football team. After he graduated, he went into the Mariners and was commissioned as a lieutenant. But like FDR, East was the rare person to contract polio as an […]
On April 1, 1929, textile workers at the Loray Mill in Gastonia, North Carolina went on strike. This strike was brutally suppressed by the mill owners who had moved production to the South precisely to avoid unionism and because they felt they could count on loyal politicians and law enforcement if workers did strike. The […]
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