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This is the grave of James and Ellen White. Born in 1821 in Palmyra, Maine, James White was a sickly child from a large family who became interested in the reform movements of the antebellum period, particularly religious revivalism. The family became Millerites. These were followers of William Miller, a preacher who announced in 1831 […]
This is the grave of Henry and Eliza Spalding. Henry Spalding was born in 1803 in Bath, New York. He ended up out in Ohio and went to college a bit later in life than most, graduating from Western Reserve College (today Case Western) in Cleveland in 1833. He then trained for the ministry, graduating […]

The Christian Life

On April 5, 2019

Texas, once again, leading the way in horrible. Last week, the Supreme Court blocked Texas from executing a Buddhist inmate, Patrick Murphy, stating that he was entitled to have a spiritual adviser pr

This is the grave of Reinhold Niebuhr. Born in 1892 in Wright City, Iowa to a German immigrant family, Niebuhr grew up in a religious world. His father was a minister and he himself would become one of the most important religious thinkers in American history. He graduated from Elmhurst College in Illinois in 1910, […]
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