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One of the biggest reasons why the United States does not have nearly the leftist tradition of other nations is the power of evangelical Protestantism. This has been well known for a long time and yet we don’t actually talk too much about it these days. When New England textile manufacturers moved down South in […]
In the initial Gilded Age, the courts took the 14th Amendment, tore it up as it applied to African-Americans, and created entirely new and unintended meanings for it as it applied to corporations, starting the nation down the road that has lately led to Citizens United. It took the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, refused to apply […]

The Christian Life

On April 5, 2019

Texas, once again, leading the way in horrible. Last week, the Supreme Court blocked Texas from executing a Buddhist inmate, Patrick Murphy, stating that he was entitled to have a spiritual adviser pr

“This is What Anti-Christian Bigotry Looks Like,” Abridged & with One or Two Key Changes, Mostly by David French. /begin excerpt The first thing you have to understand about the battle for free speech, religious freedom, and freedom of association in this nation is that it is primarily cultural, not legal. From a First Amendment […]
Jennifer Graber’s new book is an outstanding look at the white conquest of the West, examined through the lens of the various religious ideas and traditions involved in the conflict. Focusing on the Kiowas and the various Christian groups that tried to convert them and other tribes and covering the century from 1803 to 1903, […]
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