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You’d think that working closely with people of color for years and years would lead white athletes to at least some understanding and sympathy for the fact they are disgusted by the racist in the Oval Office. But with very rare exceptions such as Chris Long, they just don’t care. You are seeing with this […]
JFC: Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) admitted he once appeared in blackface, plunging the state Democratic Party further into chaos on Wednesday. Herring’s confession that he dressed in blackface in 1980 when he was a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia makes him the third top-ranked Virginia Democrat who’s been tarred by scandal […]

Making Allies

On November 28, 2018

My former colleague, Shana Bernstein, has good things to say on the importance of forging alliances across race and class lines to disrupt rising racist rhetoric, policy, and violence. The recent rash

Serwer has a great piece decimating the ridiculous belief that the problem with American politics is “tribalism” between the political parties. Of course, the actual problem is that one party is fully committed to racism and, increasingly, fascism, and the other party is not. It’s fashionable in the Donald Trump era to decry political “tribalism,” […]
Earlier this week, it came out that Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader, several years ago, had tweeted out a bunch of racist and homophobic stuff. Whether you want to believe him or not, he said he was an idiot, that he’s learned much since then, that he no longer believes that stuff. He seems genuinely […]
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