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I’m sure there are non-MAGA analysts who think that the United States can just move on from the Trump Administration, but I haven’t come across any in the wild. Most recognize that Trump’s toxic blend of narcissism, ignorance, and personal corruption damaged U.S. domestic politics in ways that will haunt the country for years to […]
I’ve been arguing for some time that progressives too often have their heads in the sand about the transnational dimensions of right-wing extremism, kleptocracy, and oligarchy. This was an important theme of my recent piece in Foreign Affairs. You would think, for example, that the socialist left would recognize the parallels with the first half of […]
Moonhawk Kim has a terrific post that much better articulates some of the things that I’ve been trying to put into words. It also raises a number of important wagers that had never crossed my mind. An excerpt: One way to interpret the triumph of Donald Trump is that the long-standing social bargain within the U.S. underlying Pax Americana—and thus the […]
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