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China is a highly authoritarian state with an extremely poor record on human rights. During the 2000s, it seemed like the country was very slowly and tentatively liberalizing. This is no longer the case. The cumulative weight of the color revolutions and the Arab spring seems to have convinced Beijing, like many other authoritarian regimes, […]
People have been handwringing about the impending demise of the liberal international order for over a decade. But, since 2016, that handwringing has given way, at least in some circles, to full-scale panic. First the British voted to leave the European Union. Then Donald Trump campaigned—and won—on a promise to renegotiate the basic terms of […]

Trumpology meets Kremlinology

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On November 28, 2016
Despite showing some questionable judgment about whom to cite, Paul Musgrave has a nice piece in the Washington Post on Russian propaganda and the US election. The whole thing does a good job of synthesizing the current state of play. But it’s real ‘added value’ lies in providing some context for the success of such endeavors. The […]
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