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The Rise of “Embedded Nationalism”


Moonhawk Kim has a terrific post that much better articulates some of the things that I’ve been trying to put into words. It also raises a number of important wagers that had never crossed my mind. An excerpt:

One way to interpret the triumph of Donald Trump is that the long-standing social bargain within the U.S. underlying Pax Americana—and thus the whole post-war international order—has unraveled. The bargain is moving toward hyper-priotization of domestic political economy over a liberal international economy. This interpretation is consistent with the broad observation about the characteristics of voters who voted for Trump (losers from globalization, broadly defined to include those that confront a high level of economic uncertainty if not low income) and Trump’s nationalistic economic policies, now taking the first step in the form of withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The only thing it leaves out, I think, is the transnational—such as linkages among national right-populist parties—and power-political dimensions—such as Russian tactics—of these developments.

Read, you should.


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