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My co-author, Alexander Cooley, has a new post over at the website for our forthcoming book, Exit from Hegemony. The post explores how the key events that have led to the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump—from those of #RussiaGate to #UkraineGate—are all tied up in great-power contestation over international order. This is true even of […]


On May 14, 2017

Major news in European elections: Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest last night. Salvador Sobral’s stripped-down performance and heartfelt singing were somewhat of an anomaly in an annual

It won’t be too long before we start to get a better understanding of what foreign policy in a Trump Administration will actually look like. It’s useful to keep in mind that current rhetoric is no guarantee of future grand strategy. Remember when we all worried that the Bush Administration was going to be too isolationist? […]
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