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On December 30, 1900, advisors from Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, the college run by Booker T. Washington, arrived in Togo to help the German colonialists institute a southern-style cotton regime in their African colony. This moment demonstrates the globalized nature of the American cotton production economy as it developed after the Civil War, as well […]
On May 29, 1935, a strike by mineworkers in Northern Rhodesia (today Zambia) to protest taxes levied on them by British colonial administrators was met with murderous violence, with about 28 workers killed or injured. This was an early labor protest that failed, but also helped build the nationalist and anti-colonial movements that sprung up […]

White Saviors

On March 21, 2012

Since last week I dared suggest that there could be problems with white people running around the world saving brown people from themselves and was thereby proven to be objectively in favor of white s

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