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The vast majority of American historical monuments were constructed between about 1880 and 1930 or so. This means that most of them in some way reflect white supremacy, truly a bipartisan and national belief in these years. We’ve paid a ton of attention to dismantling Civil War monuments in recent years and this is great. […]
On July 6, 1968, the first Chicago bus drivers’ wildcat strike of that summer ended, a key moment to discuss the relationship between Black Power, the workplace, and racial issues within union locals in the late 1960s. There’s no way around that the fact that the American labor movement was extremely undemocratic by 1968. That […]
This is the grave of Daniel Burnham. Born in 1846 in Henderson, New York to a Swedenborgian family, as a young man he failed to get into either Harvard or Yale and also failed at an initial attempt to enter politics. Instead, he became an architectural draftsman in Chicago, where the family had moved around […]
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