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Colin Long’s Jacobin essay on visiting the Tarzeen and Rana Plaza factory disaster sites is all worth reading, but the important part of the article is his discussion of the aftermath. For very little has changed. The international accords are all about western brands protecting their own image at home–which is fine–but for workers, these […]
In comments last night, dollared said this about the decline of unionized meatpacking: Allowing free immigration and mass union busting by illegal aliens. Never, ever, ever should have happened. 800,000-1M union jobs lost in meatpacking. Bill Clinton. Now I don’t want to pick on dollared except for his demonizing of migrant labor through describing human […]

Scab Cereal

In General
On January 21, 2014
Time to avoid Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops, since Kellogg’s has locked out the workers making the cereal at its Memphis factory and instead bused in scabs through an Ohio unionbusting company. Bradshaw says the lockout is part of a plan to make Kellogg union-free. “If we win in Memphis, they have to wait until […]

Siting Factories

On October 17, 2013

Why should a corporation be allowed to move its factories wherever it wants? Take General Electric, who is moving its Ford Edward, New York production to (ironically) Clearwater, Florida. In response

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