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Progress! The portion of Baghdad in which Iraqi security forces are in control with minimal help from the American military has grown only slightly in recent months, to just over 8 percent, despite an overall decline in insurgent violence in the capital, a senior U.S. commander said Friday. Maj. Gen. Joseph Fil, speaking to reporters […]
We’ve seen conservative bloggers make some pretty extraordinary efforts over the years to disparage the relevance of “the MSM,” but this distracted offering from Uncle “Comma Splice” Jimbo has to be, by contrast, one of the laziest. Denouncing one of his co-religionists for taking this NYT piece by Damien Cave seriously, Jimbo unleashes a stream […]
Hugh Hewitt is sporting a chubby today after reading the very same O’Hanlon/Pollack piece that Rob ruthlessly skewered this morning. One suspects, however, that Hewitt’s sense of wonder and surge-tacular optimism might have been considerably less protuberant had Iraq not vanquished the Saudis on the pitch in Jakarta yesterday. In what I suspect will endure […]
Hey, statements like “I probably deserved this” make me feel bad about vicious. personal critiques of Mickey Kaus. On the other hand, statements like U.S. military deaths in Iraq have apparently declined by about 20% since the “surge” began. display what can only be described as an extraordinary level of ignorance about the US occupation […]
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