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I tried to go into today’s NY Times op-ed column “Why Pro-Choice is a Bad Choice for Democrats” with an open mind. I really did. But it’s going to take a better column than this one to convince me that Democrats should soften their stance on abortion rights (more than they already have). Here’s why: […]
There’s been a lot of press recently about wrongly convicted men who have been exonerated by DNA evidence. No doubt, the work of the Innocence Project and other organizations that work to overturn wrongful convictions is commendable, and necessary. But what about other people who have been wrongfully convicted, but of crimes for which there […]


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On February 12, 2007
In addition to an article on the Iranian IEDs on Friday, and an article on the aluminum tubes in 2002, Michael Gordon co-wrote Cobra II, which condemened the administration’s war conduct and use of intelligence in harsh terms. Thus, it’s simply not true that Michael Gordon is “the administration’s best friend” even at the New […]
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