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Via Alicublog: Maybe Donald Trump watched the yoooge 9/11 celebrations in New Jersey through a yoooge telescope in his yoooge penthouse, says law professor who makes other law professors mutter “I’m not with her,” Ann Althouse. You don’t know. Where was Trump on 9/11? In some high-floor penthouse in Manhattan? I presume he has telescopes […]
So some of Scott Brown’s staffers were caught tomahawk-chopping while war-whooping, which is absolutely not a traditional means of representing Native Americans as tomahawk-chopping, war-whooping, nothing-noble-about-them savages. There’s no history of American cinema in which Native Americans were a violent bulwark against the tide of civilizing white men eager to manifest their destiny. There’s no […]

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On December 26, 2010

My parents purchased a new computer, completely devoid of cookies, and I migrated their bookmarks.  My father, with whom I regularly and vehemently disagree, left Lady Ann’s page open about twe

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