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From the Wes Moore-Aruna Miller transition page

Wes Moore will be Maryland’s 63rd governor because he ran a tight campaign and never eased up. Even when he was outraising his opponent and polls showed him 30 points ahead.

“This report is just another indication that we’re still working like we’re 10 points behind, and continuing to do the work necessary to win this election in November,” Moore said in a statement Friday.

That was the correct approach, even in a state like Maryland and even against an opponent like Dan Cox.

Moore, who has never held an elected office, avoided the mistake of two lieutenant governors who thought “I’m not the Republican, vote 4 me!” was a surefire can’t fail campaign message against Republicans who attempted to hide some of their warts.

Apparently Moore is aware that Maryland has right wing shitheads (witness the fact that Republicans responded to accurate descriptions of Cox’s positions and maga fides by nominating him instead of the less obviously vile Schulz), and that includes the wealthy kind who get loose in the rectum when a Black family checks out a home for sale in their neighborhood and think IOKTVRIYSYJWTB (it’s OK to vote Republican if you say you just want tax breaks).

And really, it would have been understandable if Moore had taken Cox less than seriously.

Instead of ads, Cox spent tens of thousands of dollars on a failed lawsuit to stop the earlier counting of mail-in ballots in Maryland and a fundraiser at former Republican President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Based on personal observation Cox didn’t spend much money on billboard or yard signs either, unless there’s a massive pile in Ocean City or Smith Island or something.

But Moore’s campaign would have been appropriate if Cox had been able to transform himself into a Hoganesque jobs, jobs, demonize the city with the largest African-American population, also jobs type of Republican. Which means Moore will be ready if the GOP throws one like that at him in a few years.

I don’t expect you all to stay on the topic of Maryland politics. So I’ll say the topic is the latest round of gubernatorial elections and anyone who posts off-topic comments would have voted for Dan Cox during the general if they lived in state.

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