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You know who else assumes people of color are waiters?*

M. Haberman, 2017, is he a racist? But he has Black friends edition.

M. Haberman, 2022, is he a racist? I have a book to sell edition.

It was January of 2017, and a newly inaugurated President Donald Trump held a reception at the White House to meet with top congressional leaders. Hors d’oeuvres were on the menu. And the new president turned to a row of racially diverse Democratic staffers and asked them to retrieve the canapes, according to a new book.

“Why don’t you get” the food, Trump told staffers for Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s new book, Confidence Man.

Who the hell is the non-revelation for? Certainly not Haberman’s peers at the National Association of Black Journalists.

Or people who’ve been on the receiving end of this type of bullshit.

Or anyone who isn’t the sort of freak who gets off on trying to get people to debate whether an obviously racist thing might be something else entirely. (A misunderstanding, a joke, a weather balloon.)

The ambulatory orange perineum is a racist. Looking at BIPOC and assuming that they’re the help, no matter what they’re doing or wearing is a thing that racists do. Therefore it is inevitable that he treats random people who weren’t white like servants.

The Rolling Stone article goes on to detail more racist things the racist fuck said according to the latest book one of the racist fuck’s enablers who couldn’t report on it ages ago but had to hoard away for a book. The article, by the way, describes the taint’s statements as examples of its “casual” racism. A puzzling qualifier which suggests formal, professional, informal and perhaps even a “Jeans day” racism.

I suppose it is possible that somewhere on this big blue marble there is a person who hasn’t quite made up their mind about whether TFG is a racist. And they will read the article or the book and finally decide. If such a person exists, – which I doubt – to hell with them.

The other thing it might do is get people to realize that there’s more to racism than slipping into some white sheets and setting a cross on fire. But it won’t.

*Trick question – only racists do this.

People who post off topic comments think Haberman-style access journalism is the best journalism.

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