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Democrats use magic mind-control to force tEam tRump own goal


There are many reasons the “reasonable” right wing pustles like Rich Lowry want everyone to roll over and play dead for Republicans. But it is vital to remember that one of those reasons is that hominids like Lowry know that every second normal people push back against them is a second that increases the chances that a fellow righty will shit every bed in a 5 mile radius.

Exhibit the Magazillionth, according to MSNBC, John Solomon, one of tRump’s liasions with the National Archives decided to goose his website’s traffic by releasing a letter from the National Archives that contradicts things the guy he represents has been yelling.

The National Archives and Records Administration waited until May 12 to give the FBI access to the highly classified documents retrieved from former President Donald Trump in January, despite the Justice Department’s “urgent” requests for the materials, according to a letter from National Archivist Debra Wall released late Monday by conservative journalist John Solomon, one of Trump’s two authorized NARA liaisons. 

The May 10 letter to Trump’s lawyers also affirms that the National Archives found more than 700 pages of classified documents, including “special access program materials” — among the most highly classified secretes in government — among the 15 boxes recovered from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago complex. More classified material was taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI in June and August. 

Hmm. Seems not great.

The letter released by Trump’s team is “extraordinarily damning for Trump” and his team, Politico‘s Kyle Cheney marveled on Twitter. “Trump allies pointed to this letter as some kind of evidence of Biden White House meddling,” but “what it shows is officials expressing extreme alarm about national security damage based on records being held by Trump.”

The NARA letter is “damning” to Trump “on any number of levels,” including it’s “lack of any reference to a claim by Trump’s representatives that he had declassified any of the classified materials,” adds University of Texas law professor Steve Vladeck. “It’s also telling that, even though this letter really hurts the Trump version of events, it wasn’t released by the Biden Administration or NARA. It was released by Trump’s own team — both a self-inflicted wound and further proof of how the government has been playing by the rules.”

Another job well done by the mages of the DNC.

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