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Pivot to racism


So how does Fox News Brain handle it when your attempt to Own The Libs to defend a heinous Republican abortion ban blows up in your face? Predictably!

1)Make up a complete lie about the content of the Ohio statute to make it seem more moderate than it is and 2)pure racist oooga-booga. (You especially have to “love” the passive-aggressive “focus will shift” formulation, as if he was not one of the people actively trying to shift the focus.) Bonus points if you take the statements of the fanatically anti-abortion Attorney General who was just yesterday baselessly smearing two good reporters as fabulists on every wingut talk show that would have him that a doctor would be totally safe from prosecution under the state’s very narrowly drawn health exemption at face value:

Christ, what an asshole.

There’s a serious issue with mainstream reporting on this, too, but we’ll leave that to another post.

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