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Another day in the reactionary media cycle


You may have seen the wingut-media industrial complex deciding to try to “debunk” the story of a ten-year-old girl who had to flee to Indiana to get an abortion, based on the self-serving assertions of Ohio Republicans:

If a “debunking” appears in the Wall Street Journal famously zero-standards propaganda pages rather than its first-rate news pages, what does this tell you? Nothing, apparently, if the state’s story seems too good to check:

“As a libertarian, it is important to take the bare assertions of powerful state officials at face value, if they confirm our shared priors that the state having the power to coerce women and girls to carry pregnancies to term is Good, Actually. And I definitely do not want to consider why a girl in this context might be reluctant to report a rape to the local authorities!”

Anyway, you can probably see where this is headed:

Yes, Virginia, child rape victims exist, and yes Republicans think the state should have the power to force them to carry their pregnancies to term, and they will happily slander you on national TV to score political points:

The conclusion here is that, no matter how many stories suggest that agree or disagree the American “pro-life” movement must be ceded the moral high ground, it is in fact dominated by total sickos pursuing horrible policies:

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