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Love, Death and Robots Season 3 Review


I’m comfortable saying this is the show’s weakest season. That being said, the strongest episodes rank as two of the best during the show’s run so far. I’ll start with those.

3 Robots: Exit Strategies

“3 Robots: Exit Strategies” is as (darkly) charming and (darkly) funny as the first “3 Robots” episode from Season 1. This time the robots are exploring the various places humans used to try to ride out the apocalypse: a survivalist compound, an oil rig tricked out for tech millionaires and a government-run bunker.

The little orange robot is adorable as ever when he delightedly tells his companions about the survivalist compound’s “blood pit.”


“Jibaro” is perhaps the entire series’ most stunning episode. It takes place in turquoise lake surrounded by a forest that’s just beginning to lose its glorious fall foliage. There, a greedy soldier steals a piece of gold from the lake’s looming siren. She kills all his traveling companions, but she can’t kill him…because he’s deaf.

What follows is a sort of rumination on toxic relationships–the push and pull of love gone wrong. I see striking similarities in the stylistic choices and motifs in this episode and “The Witness,” both directed by Alberto Miego.

The Very Pulse of the Machine

Other standouts in this season include “The Very Pulse of the Machine,” which is gorgeous and trippy and moving, and “Kill Team Kill,” which packs a ton of action, gore and humor into its short runtime.

The animatronic bear/murder machine from “Kill Team Kill”

Again, I would consider this the show’s weakest season, but these episodes are absolutely worth your time.

You can read more about how I’ve ranked previous episodes here.

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