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New Frontiers in NIMBYism


Can’t build dense housing because of the…..historical nature of a highway!

Members of the Merritt Parkway Conservancy are urging town officials to reject a project that will build 120 units at 5545 Park Avenue.

“The state has invested $350 million over the last 25 years in enhancing and beautifying the parkway,” Wes Haynes, the conservancy’s executive director, said at a Town Plan and Zoning Commission public hearing. “There is nothing beautiful about this project. This project will be an intrusion into the very essential architectural character of the Merritt Parkway.”

The Merritt Parkway Conservancy seeks to ensure a balance between the functionality of the parkway as a major thoroughfare and the preservation of the original design of the parkway’s distinctive bridges and landscape.

“There is nothing that you can say positively about this contributing to the experience of the Merritt Parkway,” Haynes added. “This is the largest historic resource in your town and I urge you to protect it by denying this application or knocking it back significantly in height, it’s just God awful.”

Ah yes, the experience of the Merritt Parkway. I’ve definitely experienced that pure joy. It looks something like this:

I can see why no one would want to do anything to change the lovely experience of driving across Connecticut!

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