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100 of 613 members of U.S. Olympic team are not vaccinated against COVID


Imagine spending years training for a once in a lifetime event, and then risking that at the last moment you won’t be able to participate because you decided not to get a couple of shots:

About 100 of the 613 U.S. athletes descending on Tokyo for the Olympics are unvaccinated, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s medical chief said hours before Friday night’s opening ceremony.

Medical director Jonathan Finnoff said 567 of the American athletes had filled out their health histories as they prepared for the trip, and estimated 83% had replied they were vaccinated.

“Eighty-three percent is actually a substantial number and we’re quite happy with it,” Finnoff said. . .

So far, two American athletes — beach volleyball player Taylor Crabb and Kara Eaker, an alternate on the gymnastics team — are known to have tested positive. The IOC has reported 13 positives among all athletes in Japan. [Ed.: Oddly this story fails to note that tennis star Coco Gauff tested positive several days ago and is out of the Olympics as a result. Thanks to several commenters for pointing this out]

Meanwhile, where does Ron DeSantis go to get his apology?

There are mornings when I have a lot of trouble imagining this country remaining in one piece twenty or thirty years from now.

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