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What are McModerns?

The McModerns resulting from this aesthetic shift aren’t all that different from their predecessors, Wagner said. Think of modernism as more of an outfit that McMansions wear. The interior of a McModern will typically follow the same design logic of a McMansion, as if the house was built from the inside out. While the exteriors follow the straight lines of modern architecture, they still have an erratic appearance.

“You’ll see different parts of the house clobbered together,” said Wagner. “The entryway might be covered in stone, but there’s aluminum panels for the garage. It gives it a piecemeal aesthetic.”

So what makes McModerns so popular? For one thing, Wagner said, modernism is a design language that has been enthusiastically embraced by wealthy millennials, who are attracted to its simplicity.

Looks like it’s an opportunity to be tacky in a fresh, minimalist, modern way.

I find most of the houses in article confusing, more than offensive, but–forewarned!–there are a couple of truly hideous specimens.

I really want someone to sit down with me and explain to me why someone put Motel 6-style railings all over the front of this house.

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